Love Across Time chapter 18


Ethan looked shocked as he hung up the phone. He just sat there in silence as he digested the information he had been given.

“Well?” Chris prompted.

In a quiet voice, Ethan responded. “They’ve done it. They have a serum that could cure all STDs. They just have to test it. They need more blood from me.”

“Let’s go then.”


“I’m taking you to the hospital to give more blood. This is awesome news! It’s unbelievable. From your blood comes the universal STD vaccine. My little brother.” Chris grabbed him in a headlock and rubbed his knuckles across the top of Ethan’s head.

“Hey!” Ethan squirmed out of the headlock. “They don’t know for sure if it’s going to work. Like I said, it still has to be tested.”

“Get your ass in gear, bro. The longer we wait, the longer it will take them to get the serum tested and made into the vaccine. God knows how long it will take to get it approved by the government.” Chris practically dragged him out of the shop and into his car.


Duncan, however, was prepared for such an event. Pulling out his CompCom, he pulled up the Presidential Order forming the Timeline Preservation Commission. He scrolled down to the paragraph that have him absolute authority to inspect any travellator at any time, for any reason, including the prototype. “Now, do I have to get your boss down here, or are you going to let us into the control room?”

Reluctantly, the security guards separated, allowing them to pass through. One guard placed his hand on the scanner and unlocked the door to the control room, which was currently unoccupied.

“Well, that lit a fire under him. Okay, Michelle, do your thing.”

The systems technician practically ran behind the support systems console and removed the back panel. “Well, you were right, Duncan. There it is,” She said with relief in her voice as she looked inside and saw a temporal capacitator.

“Remove it. We’ll store it at headquarters. If it’s needed, you will come back with armed escort, install it and oversee whatever is being done. Once it’s finished, you will remove it and bring it back to headquarters. He pulled out his CompCom and dialed. “Liam, we have it. We’re bringing it back with us.” He had to pull the CompCom away from his ear as Liam yelled his joy. “I need you to log in to their system and download all of the travellator logs, including the archives. I’m going to download all of the security footage. I know that bitch Jones is in on this. If we can prove she was involved with planting that phony obit so that Ryan would be executed, we can probably get all charges against him dropped.”

“You got it, boss. So, where are we going for dinner tonight?”

Duncan smiled and disconnected the call. As soon as he had copies of all of the surveillance footage, they returned to TPC headquarters to start reviewing all of the evidence they had gathered.

Duncan appeared before a special session of the Tribunal where he presented his theory on the temporal causality loop. “We have here evidence that in 2133, Doctor Jonathan Thomason led the research team that eventually created the universal STD vaccine and the HIV/AIDS cure. Doctor Thomason was the doctor who treated Ethan Evans according to Ethan’s medical records. Ethan Evans was the man that Ryan Edwards administered the medications to. Records further state that the vaccines where created from a serum using Ethan’s blood. It’s all right here.” He handed the documentation to the Chief Magistrate. “This evidence proves that Ryan’s actions were essential for the proper development of the timeline. When he originally went back to retrieve the artifact, the timeline was restored completely. It didn’t skew until after his incarceration, and it was a severe skew. In light of this and the evidence I just presented you, I respectfully request that all charges against Ryan Edwards be dismissed and he be immediately reinstated.”

The Chief Magistrate nodded her assent then looked to her left. The woman sitting third chair also nodded her assent. When the Chief Magistrate looked to her right, the woman sitting second chair, Agatha Jones, shook her head no so violently that Duncan half expected it to snap off. Why does she always have to be difficult and refuse to listen to reason? The Chief Magistrate thought to herself. “I’m sorry, Duncan, but with charges of this magnitude, the Timeline Preservation Commission charter requires a unanimous decision for the charges to be dropped. Since we do not have a unanimous decision, I’m afraid the charges stand.” She pounded her gavel on its sounding block signifying the end of the session.

Duncan glared at Agatha. This isn’t over yet, bitch! As soon as we can prove it, you’re going down. He stood respectfully until the women left the room, turned on his heel and headed straight to the conference room where he knew everyone was still pouring over the evidence they gathered from Transdimensional Engineering. “Well that went about as I expected. Jones refused to budge. The other ladies were ready and willing to drop the charges against Ryan. Do we have anything yet?”

Adrienne said, “I’m going through the surveillance videos, but nothing so far. Wait a minute. Look at this. Is that Jones stepping into the travellator?”

“It sure the fuck is!” Connor exclaimed then looked sheepish as he apologized. “Sorry ladies.”

 “What’s the date- and time-stamp on segment?” Duncan demanded. When Adrienne gave him the information he called Liam in the control room. “Liam, pull up the travellator departure logs from Trans-D for…” He gave Liam the date- and time-stamp information. “…and let me know the minute you find out the temporal and geographic coordinates. I’m in the conference room. Thanks.”

“What are you thinking, Duncan?” Anne asked, joining the conversation for the first time.

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