Love Across Time chapter 25


"There what?" Duncan demanded, not quite believing his ears.

"Yeah. 20% restoration. There's a definite connection between Ryan and Ethan. Anne, Adrienne and I are trying to figure out what that is, but so far we haven't nailed it down. My theory is that they are supposed to be together as a couple, but whether it's in the present or the past, I can't say. We're gonna dig until we get some answers." Liam was emphatic about finding the answers they so desperately needed.

"Did you forget that when Ryan brought Ethan and his brother to our time it set off the paradox alarm?"

"No, I hadn't, but if you look at the one newspaper clipping, it said that Ethan, his brother and his cousin all disappeared without a trace. Maybe the reason why the alarm went off is because all three of them weren't here, just Ethan and his brother."

"Hmm. A possibility. Okay. I'm going to call in Scott to cover the control room. As of now, you are hereby relieved of all duties so you can concentrate on solving this conundrum."

"Okay, boss. Let me get back to work on it." Liam left to find Anne and Adrienne to consult with them about his hypothesis.


"Harder! Faster! Give it to me, Ryan," Ethan cried out as Ryan pounded into him hard and fast, "I'm getting close!"

"Let it go, baby. Don't hold back." Ryan wrapped his hand around Ethan's thick, cut, hard-enough-to-pound-nails cock, jacking him in sync with his thrusting.

"I'm gonna come! AHHHHHHHH," Ethan screamed as he came so hard the cum shot over his head and hit the wall behind the bed. The clenching and releasing of his tight hole pushed Ryan over the edge. Ryan filled Ethan's ass so full of cum that people would be able to hear it sloshing around inside him from a mile away. Damn that felt so good. Thank God we don't have to use condoms. Ryan said to himself.

I've never been fucked that good before, ever! Being barebacked and have Ryan come in my ass is the greatest feeling in the world. I've definitely fallen in love with him. Ethan thought as he collapsed on Ryan's chest, still impaled. Within seconds they were fast asleep.

A couple of hours later a knock on the bedroom door woke Ethan. He quickly covered himself and Ryan before shouting, "come in!"

Not knowing what to expect, Ethan's brother Chris slowly opened the door and cautiously peeked into the room. "There's someone here to see Ryan. Says his name is Connor."

Ethan shook Ryan's shoulder gently, "Honey, wake up. There's someone here to see you by the name of Connor."

Ryan bolted upright in the bed, instantly wide awake. "Fuck! Connor's here?" Both Ethan and Chris nodded their heads yes.

"Shit. Double shit. Triple shit. No doubt he's here to drag me back to my own time." Reluctantly he pulled himself out of the comfortable warm bed and got dressed, heading down the stairs to face what was sure to be an ugly confrontation. "Connor," he acknowledged his co-worker.

"Ryan, you're a ticking time bomb. Obviously the lights are on but nobody's home. What in hell were you thinking coming back here," Conner demanded, angrily.

"I was thinking about spending time with the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with," Ryan replied, unapologetic.

"You can't be serious," Connor scoffed.

"I'm dead serious."

"Have you any idea how many temporal laws you've broken?"

"As a matter of fact, yes." Using his index finger, he pulled down his right lower eyelid, "If you look close enough, you might find a microscopic speck of concern," he retorted.

"I'm here to bring you back. Duncan's orders."

"I'll come back when I'm ready. Ethan and I have a lot to talk about. You know we're connected. We have to figure out how, and in order to do that, we have to talk, and we're not finished talking yet."

"Then stop fucking and start talking," Connor sneered causing Ryan to see red. As his fists clenched, "Go ahead, take a swing," Connor taunted.

Ryan sighed deeply and unclenched is fists. "I'm not going to hit you. I'm just so frustrated. We've proven that Ethan and I are supposed to be together. The first time we met there was a partial timeline restoration, but when Ethan, Chris and I went to our time, it set off the paradox alarm. We have to figure this out."

"Everybody's working on trying to figure it out, but you need to come back with me. The chance of altering the timeline the wrong way is just too great."

"I understand what you're saying, Connor, which is why I haven't set foot out of this house since I got here. I'm not leaving until I have an answer."

"I totally understand your situation. I'm not sure if the roles were reversed I'd do the same thing though." Connor held out his hand as if to shake hands with Ryan. As soon as Ryan held out his hand, Connor slapped a beacon into his hand and hit the button. He sighed as Ryan dematerialized. Connor gave Ethan an apologetic look as he activated his own beacon and dematerialized.

Ryan was waiting in front of the travellator when Connor materialized. "You mother-fucking son of a bitch. That was sneaky and underhanded. I never thought you'd pull such a bullshit stunt like that on me," He fumed.

"You're absolutely right. It was sneaky and underhanded, and normally I wouldn't have done that to you, but I was under Duncan's orders." Connor agreed, doing his best to reason with Ryan and calm him down before he got a fist in the face, not that he could or would blame Ryan.

Duncan walked into the room. Ryan took one look at him and rushed him.

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