Love Across Time chapter 34

“Wait a minute. Duncan just said that we can send the three of us back to before we went to the club. Why can’t we do that instead of sending them all the way back to their own time?” Ryan wanted to know.

“We could do that, but what if their condition doesn’t improve? I’m sorry, Ryan, but I believe their best chance is to go back to their own time.”

This is their time now!” Ryan spat angrily.

Adrienne sat down next to him and took his hands in hers. When he looked at her she said softly, “What if the three of you go back to their original time and you told them what has happened? Once Doctor Korotas figures out what happened to them and how to prevent it, you can bring them forward again.”

“NO! I need to be with Ethan. He’s my life.” He turned to Duncan. “If I have to, I’ll resign, steal a temporal capacitor and to back to their time. I will not be separated from Ethan.”

“Ryan, son, you’re not thinking clearly, which is understandable. You love Ethan with everything you have. Ever since you were a little boy you’ve always allowed your emotions to overrule your common sense. This is one time you can’t.”

“But Duncan, what can I do? He’s everything to me.”

“Let me ask you this. Do you want to lose him for a short time and then get him back again, or do you want to lose both him and Chris permanently?”

“I don’t want to lose either one. Ethan lights up every room he walks into. What if we go back to just before we went out?”

“And risk losing what precious time we may have? I promise you Ryan that I will find out what happened to them and we will find a way to help them. Duncan, I’m afraid we have no alternative. Ethan and Chris must be sent back to their original time. It’s the only way to save their lives.”

Duncan nodded assent. Ryan broke down, crying miserably and inconsolable. Liam and Anne had to help Ryan and Adrienne to temporary sleeping quarters. Adrienne wasn’t in any better shape than Ryan.


“Ethan! Dinner’s ready,” Chris called out the door towards Ethan’s shop.

“Be there in a minute,” was Ethan’s quick reply. After coming in and washing his hands, Ethan sat down at the table, a puzzled look on his face.

“What’s up, bro? You look puzzled over something.”

“I don’t know,” Ethan replied with a shake of his head. “I feel kind of off, but I can’t put my finger on it. I mean, this is the house I grew up in, but it feels like I don’t belong here anymore. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I miss Ryan so much. In a way, I wish I had never met him. What can a simple country hick like me possibly offer a man from the future?”

“That’s our father talking. He never could accept you for who you are. It took years and a lot of courage for you to overcome your dyslexia and stuttering. You may be a country boy, but you are not simple, nor are you a hick. You’re a very smart man, and very talented when it comes to woodworking. I wish I could do what you do.”

“I’ve offered to teach you, but you just don’t seem to have the time. It seems tine every time you have time off, the hospital calls for you to come in, or there’s some kind of disaster or drill.”

“Well, as of Sunday I have a month’s vacation. I’m not going anywhere near the hospital, so we’ll have plenty of time.”

Both men jumped at the sound of knocking on their front door. Ethan opened it and was practically crushed by the bear hug Ryan gave him. Ryan locked their lips together and explored Ethan’s mouth as if he’d never been there before. Rubbing their crotches together caused both men to get aroused.

“Oh my gosh, is that a roll of coins in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” Ethan asked with a snicker.

Ryan turned him around and pressed his erection against Ethan’s ass. “Does this answer your question?”

Pushing back firmly against Ryan, Ethan responded, “Yes it does. No chance of misinterpreting your intentions, that’s for sure. Come on in. We’re just sitting down to dinner and there’s plenty.”

“Before or after I fuck you through the mattress and down onto the floor?”

“After; definitely after,” Ethan took him by the hand and led him into the dining room where Ryan was enthusiastically greeted by Chris and Troy, who was in the area showing houses.”

Ryan sat down and was given a plate of some of the most delicious-smelling food he’d had in a long time. After finishing his plate, he sat back in his chair. “Guys, we need to talk.”

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