Love Across Time - The Final Chapter

“…you are suspended for thirty days without pay. However, since you haven’t been reinstated to your original position within the TPC, I can’t very well impose that on you, can I?” A huge sigh of relief escaped when Ethan saw the smile on Duncan’s face. “I’d really like to have you back with us. You have been an incredible asset to us.”

Ethan’s mouth open so wide there was room to drive an 18-wheeler into it, turn it around and drive it back out again. He never expected to be asked to come back to the Timeline Preservation Council. He actually expected to be sent back to his own time. Obviously this wasn’t going to happen. "I-I-I'd like that," he stammered.

"Good. It's all settled. Be here at your regular time tomorrow to resume your duties, and please tell Chris that his training is ready to be resumed tomorrow morning also."

"Thanks so much, Duncan. I'll see you tomorrow." Ethan practically floated out of the room. He was so caught up over what just happened he ran straight into Ryan. "Sorry baby.  I wasn't watching where I as going. Great news. Duncan wants both me and Chris back!"

"That's awesome news! Let's go home and celebrate."


Ryan wasted no time getting Ethan home and into his bedroom. As he was practically ripping his clothes off, Ethan's erection came close to poking him in the eye. "If you aren't careful, you'll stab someone with that thing. Perhaps we should find a safe place to put it." Before Ethan realized what was happening, he was pushed down onto the bed and engulfed in Ryan's warm, moist mouth.

Ryan bobbed up and down, teasing the slit and the underside of the head with his tongue as he finished stripping his own clothes off. Without missing a stroke he maneuvered them so that Ethan was stretched out flat on the bed and Ryan was kneeling beside his hips. He wet his middle finger and inserted it into Ethan's tunnel of love. As soon as he started rubbing the hot spot Ethan practically came off the bed.

"Oh, my God that feels so good."

"You think that feels good? Wait until you try this." Without any indication of what his plans were, he quickly straddled Ethan and impaled himself, having stretched and lubed himself up in the bathroom as soon as they returned to the apartment. "Holy fucking shit!" Ryan exclaimed. "I thought I'd never feel you inside me again," he said as he bucked up and down. All Ethan could do was turn his head from side to side and moan in pleasure.

After a few minutes of getting his brains fucked out, Ryan grabbed his throbbing dick and starting jacking himself, using the copious amount of pre-cum as lube. "Oh, no you don't," Ethan said as he slapped Ryan's hand away from his dick and squeezing the base to stave off Ryan's pending orgasm. "You are not going to come all over me. The only place you're going!" He said in a staccato voice as the pressure in his groin built to a overloading amount of pleasure. He screamed out Ryan's name as he unloaded inside the love of his life in huge spurts that seemed to go on forever. He crumpled onto the bed, boneless, sated and deeper in love with Ryan than he'd ever been, if that was even possible.

After getting his breathing and heart rate under control he spread his legs wide and pulled his knees up to his chest. "Okay, Agent Edwards, start fucking!" he ordered, an order to which Ryan was more than happy to comply with.


The next few months found the two men deep in wedding plans, at least when Ryan was around. It seemed he was always going on missions to the past. When Ethan asked him about it, his response was that Duncan was sending him back to watch certain items throughout the years to see what effect they had on the timeline.  Even though he wouldn’t say what the items were, he was being truthful about the missions.

The big day finally came. Ethan had spent the night at Colin’s so they wouldn’t see each other until the ceremony. Duncan had closed down all but the essential operations of the TPC and manned them with reserve personnel. The ceremony was to take place on the grounds of the TPC where security scanners would relay the ceremony to those inside the building.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let us begin,” The magistrate started the ceremony as everyone took their places, Colin standing with Ryan and Chris standing with Ethan. In the audience were Ethan’s sister and brother, Alicia and Troy, having been brought forward earlier.

Ryan and Ethan had written their own vows, not wanting to use the archaic ones that were younger than God but older than dirt. There weren’t many dry eyes as they finished reciting their vows and exchanged symbolic rings. The joined bonding bracelets were secured to their wrists, then unlocked by the magistrate. “Even though you are now separated, you are together one, bound by your love for each other. Go in peace, Ryan and Ethan Edwards.”

There were gasps of surprise in the audience as only Ethan knew that he was going to take Ryan’s name. Not even Ryan knew.


Ryan walked into Ethan’s office several weeks later. Plopping down into a chair, he said to Ethan, “Well, the observation missions are finally over. Would you like to see the results?”

“Yeah, sure.” He allowed Ryan to lead him out of the building and down a few blocks. “Close your eyes and follow me.” One block later they stood in front of a building. “Open your eyes.”

Tears came to Ethan’s eyes as he saw the sign above the doorway, ‘Ethan Edwards Antique furniture Restoration.’ Inside was all of his old woodworking equipment. He couldn’t believe it.

“To our future, baby.”

“To our future.”

The end.

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