Love Across Time chapter 42

Colin's facial expression and body language had Ryan freaking. Colin never let anything bother him. "Colin, you're scaring me a little. What's going on?"

Colin practically threw a beacon at him,. "We need you to come back. The timeline's all over the place. Thank God no paradoxes. It's a good thing the building is protected by the chronometric cocoon. Liam thinks it might be because you're here in the past."

"I can't go back. The tribunal will reinstate the death penalty." Ryan stated matter-of-factly.

"Duncan said he'd handle the tribunal." He turned to face Ethan. "I'm really sorry man. I know this sucks in a major way. We'll figure something out so that the two of you can be together." With that he reached over and pushed the button on the beacon that Ryan was holding, then his own.

As soon as they materialized the paradox alarm sounded. Duncan, who was monitoring the wildly fluctuating timeline, hit the emergency reverse button, sending Ryan and Colin back to the past. Ryan turned to Colin just as Ethan threw himself into his arms, his joy in seeing Ryan again very much in evidence. "What the hell just happened?"

"The hell if I know. Let me go back by myself and see what happens." Colin dematerialized then rematerialized a couple of minutes later. "No paradox alarm, but the timeline is still all over the place." Each man is silent as they tried to figure out what was going wrong. Suddenly Colin spoke up, "Let's try something. Let's bring Ethan forward with you. Since he's already been to the future, maybe everything will straighten out."

"Sounds good to me." Ryan replied, wrapping his arms around Ethan and hitting the button on his beacon. The results were the same. Upon returning to Ethan's house, the two men started pacing, each trying to come up with a solution to their problem.

Colin was the first to speak up as the same idea occurred to both men. "If I remember correctly, the last time this happened was because the two of you came forward without Chris." He turned to Ethan. “We should try to bring the two of you forward at the same time. Where's Chris?"

Ethan gave his watch a quick glance before answering. "He's at work. He should be home in an hour."

Ryan shot Ethan a lascivious look. "I know how we can spend the next hour." Ethan responded to that statement with a huge, shit-eating grin and waggled his eyebrows.

Colin rolled his eyes. "Get a room, you two."

Ethan shot him a smirk. "We have one," he replied as he grabbed Ryan's hand and pulled him upstairs. A little under an hour they came back downstairs freshly showered with satisfied looks on their faces.

Just as Chris was walking in the door Colin blurted out, "Could you two have been any louder?"

Chris walked up to Colin, extending his hand, which Colin shook. "It's good to see you, Colin. Could who be any louder?" He asked, pretty sure he already knew the answer.

Colin rolled his eyes towards the stairs. “Oh yeah, baby, just like that. Harder! Fuck me harder!” He mocked, glaring at Ryan and Ethan.

Ethan smirked at him and said, “The devil didn’t make me do it, I chose to!” That statement made everyone laugh until everyone turned serious. Chris was quickly brought up to speed on what had happened and how they proposed to fix it.”

Chris hesitated and rightfully so, considering what happened to make them return to the past. “What if we get sick again? I don’t know if I can go through that again. I don’t want to, and I know Ethan would rather not go through that again.” Ethan nodded his agreement, his facial expression clearly indicating that the possibility of getting deathly ill again never occurred to him.

“We’ve got that covered,” Colin assured them. “Apparently the two of you lack some kind of antibody to the allergen that made you both so ill. I understand it’s something that developed naturally in our bodies after the fourth world war. The two of you, coming straight from the past, wouldn’t have them. Anyway, Doctor Korotas has injections ready for you once we get back.

YES!” Ryan exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air. “I knew he’d figure it out. Let’s go!” Colin passed out beacons to everyone and within seconds they were all standing in the travellator control room, silence all around them as they listened for the sound of the paradox alarm. Nothing. After a few seconds the computer chirped and announced, “Timeline restoration complete.” Complete pandemonium broke out in the control room as everyone was laughing and hugging each other. Even Doctor Korotas joined in after injecting Ethan and Chris with the antibodies they would need to live in the future. Duncan joined them shortly with a couple of bottles of champagne. Finally live was back on track for everyone.

Or was it?

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